How to Avoid Doing Chores–Take Up Embroidery

The trio of fabulousness…
(which will be even better once I sew the pompoms along the borders)

I am busier than ever, yet find myself carving out minutes here and there to work on my newest favorite hobby–embroidery. Before you feel sorry for me and ask me how many pounds I’ve put on or how many cats I’ve adopted since returning stateside, you need to check out the website Sublime Stitching. As the website states, “This ain’t your gramma’s embroidery.” Do yourself a favor. Check it out. Now!

{I’d like to add that I was in Anthropologie today (I’m VERY busy) perusing the tea towel section and I have to say, I was not even TEMPTED to buy one of their $34.99 towels because I think mine are equally as adorable–although for $12.99 in the sale section, my heart did skip a couple of beats, but I passed them up. Imagine ALL of the money I’m saving by making my own!}

I happened upon Sublime Stitching’s website months ago while I was trolling the Internet aimlessly (as I did all day long in Amman). I fell in love with her whimsical and charming patterns and ordered a few last month as a prize for myself. I started with a kit, which included a hoop, floss, scissors, a tea towel, and needles, and also ordered a couple of additional patterns: Dia de Los Muertos and Bon Voyage, plus a couple more towels.

Here are my first attempts–and keep in mind, I’m newly minted in this art, so my stitches are BASIC–nothing fancy (yet). I’ve included the pompoms below that I’ll be sewing along the borders once I get my sewing machine back (it’s still in Jordan) just to show you how much cuter they’ll be after the addition. (Can they get any cuter?)

Here’s the progression:

The patterns for Day of the Dead
My very first stitches…so nervous
Onto project numero dos
Closeup of Our Lady of Something
The cutest sugar skulls I’ve ever seen
Project number three from a world traveler
I want those gold shoes

I ran out of out of towels last night and I’m almost out of floss…BUT I CAN. NOT. STOP. So I bought some more SUPER cheap towels at Ross ($3.99 for FOUR! What a bargain) in cute colors AND I checked out (as in borrowed from the library–saving even MORE $$$) Jenny Hart’s two embroidery books from the library today. Flipping through the pages, I’m spying some cupcake and pie patterns that I’ll be incorporating into my next masterpieces.

The books that I’ll be buying. I wanted to be sure that I wanted them.

22 thoughts on “How to Avoid Doing Chores–Take Up Embroidery

    1. I might also add that this is what you do when MEAN librarians put your copy of Bitter Is the New Black back on the shelf after you placed a hold on it and after they yell at you, “The library is CLOSED!”

  1. Jen, a girl who went to Catholic grade school should know that the virgin is Our Lady of Guadalupe. Shame on you. Very cute towels. Did I miss something? Have you taken in a cat?

    1. Thanks, Sister Joellen, I almost wrote something about not knowing the Virgin’s name and how my mother would be shame-faced, but I’m glad I didn’t because I knew you’d correct me. Ask Nicole what the cat comment means.

  2. I haven’t embroidered since high school! I’ve so busy painting raw terra cotta plantars! But your projects look so fun. Perhaps a fun project to teach my daughter. Love the choices you made.

  3. Nice story! I’m on the lookout for Syrian furniture for some time here in Amman, but…. It’s hard to find. Is it sold out? Or is he still selling?

  4. Glad to know I’m not the only one who browses in the tea towel section of homeware stores. Your Day of the Dead embroideries are gorgeous! Especially love the pink pompoms too.

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