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Love to cook. Cook to love. That’s Penzeys Spices motto and my adopted motto as well. I’ve been a devotee of Penzeys ever since my sister turned me on to their catalog years ago (yes, Nicole, I give you full credit!). The closest store to us back in California was Torrance (way too far from San Clemente) so we would both study the catalog, read the articles, and then coordinate our orders to save on shipping. Lucky for me, I have access to the fabulous Falls Church, Virginia store, which I have yet to visit, but plan on supplementing my diminishing stores of spices soon.

Some of you may know that I was featured in the catalog a few years back and paid homage to Raj by including our traditional Friday night pizza recipe. One night while I was combing through the catalog in Amman (feeling sad for not being able to ship spices overseas), I was inspired (once again) to respond to their “Calling All Cooks” campaign. I was contacted by one of their pleasant writers and shared with her my experiences of living overseas and a few of my favorite Middle Eastern recipes. The story sort of morphed into a love story about how Raj and I met.

Here’s the link to the Fall, “True Love” catalog Our story is featured on page 48-49. Check out my recipes for Shish Tawouk (my favorite, simple and easy grilled chicken kebabs) and fattoush (a mixed salad with toasted pita bread pieces). Enjoy…

10 thoughts on “Penzeys Spices True Love

  1. I beg to differ, did you really ever order anything from the catalogue? Okay, maybe once. I order at least 5-6 times a year online and visit the store at least 3 times per year and i”ve applied to calling all cooks no less than three times and I cook all the time the type of food the catalogue loves and who’s never been called? Enough said:( Pezeys, as much as I should, I can’t quit ya.

      1. Thought you were already working on that sis. I’m disappointed that you didn’t announce my first place post again. Where are all your Amman friends, have they move on because you are leading a more mundane lifestyle?

  2. Oh to read the chatter of my darling girls discussion who is best cook and who has the best signature dish. Just like old time having sisters competing…I especially liked this article as it had an older attractive couple in it in Portugal,(your mother and me)…I am busy selling copies of famous catalog on the corner, so please stop by and say hello… Copies are free but you must listen to an old man telling old stories, maybe to great a cost to some.. Keep on cooking girls and I will keep on smiliing… Dad

  3. Nice article! It’s a good thing I already ate lasagna before I saw all those pictures! All that food looks so good!

  4. Congratulations! I love love stories, spices, travel, cooking, and food — this was a delight to read! Your marriage, your adventurous travels, your story/recipe in the catalog, and your blog… all are an inspiration! Thank you!

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