Pop Quiz! What Is This?

I love a good pop quiz! I love to give them, to torment students with them, and love to take them. For those of you sadists like me, or at least my sister (who I know is equally guilty), I’m challenging you to figure out what these pictures are of and how they work together. This is a two-part quiz and if you already know what it is and how it works, you are SO much smarter than me. It took me a week to get it.

Part I: This a picture of something on the floor in the bathroom, the kitchen, and the laundry room. What do these rooms have in common? What is it?

What is it?

Cover that thing up!!!

Answer: Okay, you are super smart. It’s a drain. But on the floor? Why?

Part II: What is this?

And this?

Answer: No duh, it’s a squeegee, right. Is it for windows? No! What is the relationship between the drains and the squeegee?

Put it all together and what do you get? It’s actually quite ingenious. The drain I’ll grant you is disgusting looking. When I opened it the first time, I shuddered. I’d clean it out, but we have a ‘house cleaner’ who does that (and no, I’m not trying to sound obnoxious. I’ve never had a house cleaner because we could never afford one, but here it’s so cheap, i.e. see pedicure blog, that we can’t afford not to have someone clean the house). Anyway, I’ve witnessed the magic of the marriage these two items firsthand. You wash your floor with a mop and then squeegee all of the excess water into the drain. Isn’t that smart? Who knew? Well, you probably knew, but it took me a week to figure it out. I’ll let you tally your own score on this first pop quiz. Don’t be smug is you did well. They’ll get harder.

10 thoughts on “Pop Quiz! What Is This?

  1. You need to wait for people to respond with their guesses, then you need to reward the correct response provider with a prize, maybe some of the homemade Jordanian jam that you will be mass producing in the next couple of days. At least that is how my ex favorite blogger held her contests that would end up with thousands of replies. I believe that you and Raj have had cleaning lady before. And yes, you could afford one poor teacher.

      1. Eagerly awaiting prizes. I’d like to donate my $25 gift card to The Claim Jumper. The one by school closed because the company is in bankruptcy and the nearest one is in Mission Viejo and I’ve been too lazy to go. However most of your followers don’t live near the Claim Jumper, do they? Well, we’ll think of something. I like the jam idea. Maybe one of those super-sized squeegees or your kitschy shower curtain, It is very much so a one of a kind conversation starter.

        1. I’m going to send the shower curtain to you as number one poster. Sorry, I haven’t responded in a few hours. We were off to dinner & drinks. The curtain will come complete with the mold that it has accumulated since Raj has been in the house. The jam might be a good prize too, but I can’t imagine sterilizing jars without a dishwasher.

  2. We’re in the car and Mindy got it with me just reading it to her!! Looks like Mindy takes this prize…

    1. I’m so sorry I missed the phone call. We were out for dinner. I’ve got lots to fill you in on and I want to hear all of the drama about court and the impending directorship.

      1. We called twice today with NO answer! Looks like you’ve found new friends and/or are having a way more exciting time over there than you’re leading on.

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