A Minor Victory in the Bathroom

Our "Summer Cottage" Theme

Check out the shower curtain in the master bathroom. Pretty, huh? Notice anything (aside from the sea-themed design including lighthouses, sailboats and shells) that isn’t quite right? Look again.


The shower curtain, which I might add is hung properly (you can see the holes in the top), is sideways–the lighthouses, sailboats, and shells are all askew. This curtain kerfuffle has been making me sick since I first stepped foot into the shower and noticed its flaw. But it’s more than just the flaw. It’s just plain ridiculous to have a sea themed shower curtain in Amman. There aren’t any sailboats or seashells or lighthouses ANYWHERE in the vicinity. Luckily for me, I came armed to Amman with a shower curtain, just in case I faced a conundrum as insurmountable as this. Below is the new and improved shower curtain. It looks much better, not awesome, but given the constraints, my new awesome is so much different then my former one. It’s a huge improvement unless you live in the sideways world.

New & Improved

14 thoughts on “A Minor Victory in the Bathroom

    1. First things first. Get rid of the extra bookcases, then have your mom (who you’ve told me can sew) make you curtains. I’ve ordered some fabric to cover my gross kitchen cabinets (where the dishwasher used to be and some other huge contraption). Maybe my straight line sewing will inspire you to do the same for the windows in your office. At least your desk is AMAZING!!!

      1. Looking good, but personnally, the sideways lighthouses add a touch of whimsy, a somewhat light and refreshing touch. The deal is, you have very good taste.

  1. You’re not into sideways lighthouses? Ship it on over to Ft. Belvoir. I bet I could find a few wives who would fight over it. LOVE the new one. Still decorating? Do you work? Scrapbooking is next…

      1. BOTH of you need to get a JOB…and soon!

        I how ever and still seeking a way to teach from JAIL…it seems that my be my next stop!

        Have I told you how much I HATE RICHMOND!!!!!!!!

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