The New Digs

I’ve been here for almost two weeks and I’m just about finished getting organized (or at least as organized as one can get without having a car and access to supplies at a store). Our home is essentially a blank canvas to decorate, but I’m finding that decorating the place is rife with challenges. For example, I wanted to hang up a bulletin board in my “office.” I’m well versed in hanging up pictures and can even handily use a drill, but the walls here are cement, so my attempts at hanging anything myself are futile and damaging to the wall.

Yesterday some maintenance people came over to remove a door to the kitchen and to hang my pan rack. When I explained to them that I wanted the door removed from the kitchen, you would have thought that I had asked to be set on fire. Imagine a kitchen exposed to guests? Anyway, I wanted the door removed because there isn’t any space for my butcher block that I’ve alway placed below my pan rack. They removed the door , installed the pan rack in the ceiling, and promised to come back sometime next week to build shelves in a very strange and atrocious open cabinet. I plan on covering the TWO open cabinets with fabric that I’ve ordered.

Let me preface these photos by saying that these are very preliminary. I promise it will look much better in a few weeks time. I’m open for suggestions and anyone who comes up with something fabulous for the entrance room gets a PRIZE.

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19 thoughts on “The New Digs

  1. Well,
    I didn’t hear from you yesterday, so I decided to blog. I enjoyed the pics of the apartment. In some respects, it is quaint. I especially enjoyed the ordeal with the door. I guess my kitchen is rather plebian since I do not have a pan rack or a butcher block. That belongs in my dream kitchen and dream house.

    I amgoing back to private posts.

    1. I just attempted my first dish in the kitchen and I guarantee that your kitchen is substantially more modern than mine. My oven is propane and it smells like it. I’ll post pictures of what I made tomorrow. I’ll email you later…

  2. OK….PLANTS…PLANTS…PLANTS…or FLOWERS…You my dear need LIVING items…however…I so do LOVE it all! How much ROOM do YOU really need?

    Front door…glass room area…needs a sign…”If you live in a glass house…I will be able to see EVERYTHING!…and I am looking!” do you think that will go over well? hahahaha

    Love EVERYTHING you have done…sending you rubber gloves…do not want you to have dishpan hands! 😉

    1. I agree about the plants and LIVE things. The only trouble is…where do I get them? Haven’t seen pots, soil, or plants yet. But they’re on my list.

      It’s too late for dish pan hands. I’ve already got them since I’m a “lady of leisure” as someone who shall not be named claims.

  3. Only YOU could do so much with a place in ONE week! If there was a spot for the dishwasher – why did they take it away?? Not fair! Can’t wait to see the fabric you ordered for your open cabinets, I think it’ll be better than having doors on all of them. I am most definitely on Mindy’s side for the sign in the glass area hahaha!

    1. Who needs a dishwasher? Dishwasher is code for housewife. I’m not sure why they took it away.

      I’d make the sign if only I had crafting supplies. I haven’t seen a Michael’s yet.

  4. Are you kidding me? This looks so much nicer than where we stayed in Sweden or Rome. You have nothing to complain about. I am shocked at how nice it looks. Seriously, even Vancouver or Fremont Washington isn’t as nice as you are showing me. Sorry, but I’m not feeling any sympathy…


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  6. Hi Jen, Your apartment looks great in such a short amount of time! Can’t wait to see the updated photos after a bit more of your decor magic. I’m in agreement about the plants and the sign idea is fun! Do you have to leave the front entrance exposed, or may you dress the windows in fabulous fabric? Maybe something that allows light in, allows you to see out, but does not allow nosey neighbors to see in? Is there enough room for a small yoga studio?

    1. Hi, Jen, Thanks for checking out the blog. The room is strange. Some of the neighbors have blinds, but I (let me rephrase this, Raj) don’t want to spend too much on something that is temporary. I was thinking of hanging up cheap Ikea sheers, but I don’t know if it’s worth it. You see families hanging out in the these areas at night, but it’s really hot in there. There’s not enough space for a yoga room, so I’m limited to doing yoga in the office, but it’s not the same as going to a studio. It’s so boring doing yoga alone. I’m glad to hear that your enjoying going a couple times a week now.

    1. Thanks for the suggestions. That HGTV porch front is fabulous, but one thing you may not know about Raj is that he doesn’t want to spend ANY money, so I have to be doubly creative. I’d have to weave the rattan furniture out of thin air before he would ever go out and but a set. I’m still looking for plants but have only seen lots of outdoor plants. It would be a great place for plants because of the light though. I’m still working it out and appreciate your input.

  7. Hey Jen,

    Love your blog. You have such a fun writing style. Have you ever thought of writing a book. You’d be great at it. I’ve been to Jordan recently for three weeks and that’s how I came accros your page (while searching for something). I wondered if you had a facebook page? If so, would you add a stranger who is a bit of a fan, hehe?!!!

    1. Hey, Alison, Thanks so much for leaving a comment. You’re too kind!!! Are you still in Jordan? Did you come for vacation? I’d love to add you as a FB friend. I’m listed under Jennifer Palumbo Maan. Looking forward to hearing from you. Best, Jen

  8. Gorgeous place! My wife and I are moving to Amman in a few months and would love to find something just like this. What neighborhood is this? Thanks for the great blog!

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