Good Things in Amman: Pedicures

I’ve been pretty negative so far. I’m going through shopping withdrawals (the only thing I’ve bought are the turquoise earrings at Jerash), I’m forced to run on a treadmill (in a lackluster gym without my own personal television attached and tuned in to The Today Show to get me through my run), I’m coping with issues of co-denpendency  (from my former independent self), and I am seriously suffering from not having a yoga studio to spend ALL of my free time. Despite these issues, there was a ray of hope today found in a salon in Amman. Who knew this respite could temporarily displace my frustration?

One of Raj’s coworkers generously offered to take me to her salon for a pedicure. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was fabulous. The salon was clean and elegant. The nail technician (is that the right word?) was professional. What was even more surprising was that these nail techs were the same nationality as those in salons all across the US. Yes, they were Asian. The best part of all, the coup de gras–the only deal I’ve found in this country–the price. It was ONLY $8 JD’s. That translates to $10.40 American money. I asked how much to tip the gal and was told $1 JD ($1.30 US–please don’t make me feel badly about this!). The last pedicure I had in Old Town Alexandria was $25 for the cheapest version, plus a $4 tip and I was rushed in and out in 25 minutes. Here I spent a leisurely hour being pampered. Given the pedicure situation, things are looking up.