Amazingly Simple, No-Bake, Vegan Dessert: Maca Balls


I’ve been off refined sugar for about six months now. It’s a difficult road to recovery, but well worth it in terms of how I feel and the deleterious effects that sugar seems to wreak on my skin (think inflammation). As a recovering sugar fanatic (I once went to the dentist and was told that I had 13 cavities and a root canal–in one visit!), I need something, anything sweet before I go to bed. I’ve tried a bunch of alternative snacks, but since I discovered these beauties, they’ve become my mainstay. They are extremely simple to make, require few ingredients, are healthful, and satiate my sweet tooth. They include not one, but THREE superfoods: raw cacao powder, goji berries, and maca powder. Here’s are some fast facts on each of these three superfoods.

  • Raw cacao powder: (Choose raw cacao powder over regular because it is minimally processed.) High in antioxidants (flavonids) and has antidepressant effects.
  • Goji berries: are among the highest antioxidant-containing foods. They are thought to fight heart disease, defend against cancer and diabetes, strengthen the immune system, improve vision, and enhance the complexion.
  • Maca powder: is a Peruvian root reported to increase stamina and help the body better adapt to stress. They’re also reported to increase libido, but I’m not going there…


ingredientscombinedrolledBest of all? Because they are so quick to make, there’s instant gratification.