The Jewel of Jordan–Aqaba

Sunset from hotel room

I love Aqaba! If I had it my way, we’d be living happily ever after (at least until we leave and return to DC) in Aqaba. Aqaba is about a three-hour drive south of Amman, but it feels like a world of difference. Perhaps the Red Sea is what makes it so spectacular, or maybe the ocean relieves the monotony of the vistas, unlike in Amman where I experience sensory deprivation from the lack of color in this monochromatic landscape.

The Kempinski

We were in Aqaba for just two nights. We didn’t really even do much other than eat, work out, and lay out. It wasn’t very warm, only about 65 degrees (F), but with the sun and the view, it felt heavenly as a relief from the crummy and cold weather in Amman. I cannot wait to return in just a few weeks for another two nights!

Drinking Tea on the Veranda

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