Continuing on the quest to expand our pizza horizons, I took advantage of our local farmers market for inspiration and found two items that I absolutely love: squash blossoms and burrata cheese.


For this pizza, I used the same Mozza pizza dough and Passata di Pompodoro (see previous post for recipe), and added squash blossoms (stamens removed) and topped it off with locally produced burrata cheese.

Squash Blossom and Burrata Pizza


•1 round of pizza dough

•1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil

•Kosher salt

•1/4 cup Passata di Pompodoro

•About one dozen squash blossoms, stamens removed

•Finishing quality extra virgin olive oil, about 1 tablespoon

•12 oz. burrata cheese


1. Prepare and stretch the dough and preheat oven to 500 degrees. Brush the rim of the dough with olive oil and season the entire surface with salt. Ladle the sauce onto the center of the dough, spreading out sauce leaving 1-inch rim without any sauce. Place the squash blossoms around the center of the pizza, on top of the Passata di Pompodoro.  Bake until the the crust is golden brown and crispy, about 8 to 12 minutes. Remove the pizza from the oven, scatter the burrata cheese on top, and cut into quarters. Drizzle the pizza with the finishing quality olive oil, and serve.




8 thoughts on “Squash Blawesome (Blossom) & Burrata Pizza

  1. Your Pizza looks great. We don’t find Zucchini blossoms up here very often, so I may have to wait on that aspect of your recipe, but where can you find the Burrata? On line it is a company out of Virginia. It sounds like you got it at the farmers market. I got some once at Whole Foods and it was very good but expensive (different brand probably), but it is not always available. Not available ever in Yuba City/Marysville.


    1. The burrata that I used was from the farmers market. It wasn’t as good as the kind that I’ve bought at Whole Foods. The Whole Foods burrata is much smoother, the way it’s supposed to be. This one was more like cottage cheese on the inside.
      I was disappointed enough with the cheese that I found a recipe for homemade burrata. I’ve made mozzarella before. It’s actually an interesting process and burrata is just a few more steps than the mozz. I’ll post if I get to making my own cheese.

  2. You never said if you liked it or not. I’m assuming you did. I’ve only tried squash blossoms fried. What do they taste like baked?

  3. Jen, the pizza looks so delicious and beautiful. You have my mouth watering. I do expect you to make it for your dad and I the next time we visit. Can you taste the squash blossoms and are they tasty? Did this pizza pass the Raj taste test? We did notice the clarity of your pictures. Happy birthday tomorrow, Jen.

  4. I am glad I am worthy for this special treat.. The pizza looks fantastic…Looking forward to trying it all on our next visit..Joep aka Dad

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