Syrian Furniture in Situ (Part II)

We bought our first piece of Syrian furniture (a chest and mirror) while we were in Amman before we even had a house in sight. Luckily, the chest and mirror fit beautifully in our new home. Here’s the chest while it sat forlornly in Amman:


And here it sits proudly in Alexandria:


Just before Raj left Amman, he was able to pick up a few more pieces, with the house in mind (but without my opinion). I have to say he did an excellent job and surprised me with these pieces for Christmas. He’s been waiting for the homage to Raj since then, so here goes. How lucky am I to have such a generous, sweet, and tasteful husband?

Floor pillows for extra seating–these were a surprise–I never thought Raj would go for these. I’m indebted to Jenna at the Embassy for helping Raj choose these two coordinating ones.




An inlaid chest that fits perfectly into the niche



18 thoughts on “Syrian Furniture in Situ (Part II)

  1. Don;t go crazy with all the compliments for Raj we wouldn’t want to give him a big head.. Everything looks very nice and expensive.. Things must be good….. and Raj, you did good..

  2. A new look for your blog? It looks lovely. What is the ship on dry ground that is at the top of the page? Did you see this in the Middle East?

  3. great furniture! looking for a few antique pieces myself, it would be great if you could supply me with an adddress for this shop.


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