Living in a Chateau, If Only for a Week

Our second leg of the trip was spent in the Loire Valley, France. Here we had the privilege of staying in a splendid Chateau (Chateau de la Noue) dating back to the 16th century.We stayed in one wing of the Chateau, equipped with all of the necessary creature comforts (including a DVD player, which enabled us to watch seasons 7 and 8 of Curb Your Enthusiasm–the nights got a little long, but we were in good company with Larry David).

The Chateau is located in the quaint village of Villedomer, a perfect jumping off point to many of our day trips throughout the week. The Chateau is blanketed by a beautiful forest of trees, including pine, sequoia, and chestnut. The only sounds to be heard were frogs in the pond and an occasional ‘moo’ of the neighboring farm’s cows. During our stay, we saw two deer, hares, and rabbits, and enjoyed walking along the grounds foraging for mini strawberries.

Itty bitty strawberries

The owner of the Chateau is warm and friendly, without being intrusive. She welcomed us with a bottle of Vouvray (from Touraine, just east of Tours–my new favorite wine), made a delicious dessert for us one night, and invited us over for hors d’oeuvres and wine on another night.

The Front
The Chapel, behind our wing
The backside of the Chateau
Local Vouvray
Dessert one night

What I liked most about staying at Chateau de la Noue was the unique experience it provided. Rather than staying in a sterile, perfectly appointed hotel room, we were afforded a more authentic experience–we drove hundreds of miles on small windy roads, shopped in local markets, and made many a pit stop to the abundant patisseries in every town. After exploring Chateaus throughout the week, staying at a place like this gave me an appreciation for the workmanship, upkeep, and history of the Chateaus.


27 thoughts on “Living in a Chateau, If Only for a Week

  1. I am ready to go back, I just have to make more money. Oh that’s right, I am retired, no more opportunities for making money, just spending it before the kids get it.. The pictures make the trip come to life again, thanks for taking the time to record this wonderful experience.. Love, Joe aka Dad

  2. Jen,
    what a lovely comment about your stay at La Noue…in fact, this is not a comment but a real travel blog…what a talent you have to write… thank you so much for the lovely description of the property and your experience at La Noue and the Loire Valley. I hope you and your family return some day to expand the discoveries in this part of France…

        1. The Vouvray wine is found in the US, at wine stores including at Trader Joe’s (but only in quiet wine – not bubbly). One brand only in most places… little choice as Vouvray wine growers are small wineries and export sparingly… Hope this helps…

          1. Thank you Christine. I will look for it tomorrow and let you know how I did purveying it in my neck of the woods. What a beautiful property you have! I love the sound of quiet wine-very peaceful:)

  3. Staying over at such a beautiful place looks like a dream come true! I have been to Paris, but haven’t had the opportunity to explore other parts of France. I hope to some day go back to Europe 🙂

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