We arrived in Lisbon and were met with amazing weather. On our first day, we walked down into the historic section of town, full of cafes, beautiful buildings, and great shops. We stopped for lunch and then later coffee and dessert before meeting our friends for dinner.

On day two, before meeting my parents at the airport, we headed back to the same area of town for breakfast, pasteis de Belem (a delicious flaky custard tartlet and the national pastry of Portugal) and a little shopping. I’ll post pictures of ALL of the purchases I made when I get home to Jordan.

Next up, the Algarve…sun, beach, and seafood…

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18 thoughts on “Portugal Part I: Lisbon

  1. Looks like a beautiful city. So glad your parents will be meeting you! Have a wonderful, wonderful time. The wine is good here 🙂

  2. And what gifts did you buy me? Tell mom and dad that their dog just ate the peanuts in the nut dish and she grabbed about 10 pieces of salt water taffy from my summertime candy display. Lots of bite marks through the paper of the taffy but as far as I can tell, she only ate half of a grape one. All while I was at work. She seems no worse for the wear though. She’s a crafty little thing who loves to eat!

    1. Under my direction, mom has bought you a couple of things so far. We’re saving the BIG stuff for you in France.
      If the dog is not well when they get back, no gifts for you.

      1. Oh believe you me, she is more than well. I watched her climb up on my front room coffee table looking like a mountain goat looking for the salt water taffy that I had moved. I was wondering how she got it. Now I know she just kept jumping on top of the table while I was gone. Clever.

  3. Lisbon looks like a great place to be! Those pictures look great. And the food looks so tasty! I hope you two had a wonderful time. 🙂

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