Christmas in Amman in April

Summer weather has finally hit Amman, making my days much happier and enjoyable. I’m still constantly searching for things to keep me busy but given my sorry lack of crafting supplies, I’m limited to what I have on hand, which isn’t much other than felt left over from my calaveras phase. I searched online for felt ornament inspiration and found a treasure trove of ornaments to recreate.

In five days, I’ve managed to crank out an ornament each day. Here’s the menagerie so far:

  • This is my first one and still my favorite. You can pay to download the pattern from this blog:, or you can make up your own template, like I did, adjusting the coat to your tastes. (I didn’t have any little buttons like the inspiration piece, but I did have small pearl beads. I’m loving the little wire hangar that I fashioned out of floral wire).

  • Here’s the second one. Again, the inspiration came from the same site as above ( It’s a deer in case you couldn’t tell–the upper right black dot is an eye and the dot below the eye to the left is a nose. After I finished it, I asked Raj what he thought, “Oh, it’s an elephant!” was his reaction. (Not what I was looking for!) I admit, the perspective of the eye and nose are a tad confusing at first glance, but once you see the face, you get it.

  • Moving onto ornament number three, it’s a polar bear and the inspiration? You guessed it, the same He’s cute, but not my favorite. I think he turned out too small.

  • I was especially proud of this one…that is until Raj’s inquiry, “Is that a donkey?” In case you can’t tell, this is no donkey, but a schnauzer (like our dog, Shanti). I really liked the eyebrows, but Raj said the eyes were “too small.” (I should know by now not to solicit opinions). I found inspiration for just about every dog breed except schnauzers, so I was forced to create a template for this one on my own.

Since we didn’t really celebrate Christmas properly this year (we were in Egypt and our Christmas tree was left behind in storage), I’m anticipating a HUGE Christmas next year to make up for the lost celebration (along with ALL of the other holidays that we didn’t get to celebrate like Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving…).

17 thoughts on “Christmas in Amman in April

  1. Every year I think I am going to start early and make ornaments, and every year the holiday sneaks up on me and I have done exactly nothing. Thanks for the inspiration. I’m going to start my ornaments soon. Really 😉 These are great!

  2. very cute! I especially love the coat and the matryoshka, so super cute! I’d love to have a set of matryoshka doll ornaments in different colors & sizes for the tree! I’ll have to check out the link, thanks!

  3. I knew it was a schnauzer right away. Your husband sounds like mine. I’ve stopped asking for his opinion on my haircuts since the time he helpfully said, “It doesn’t look as butch as the last one”!!!

  4. It is difficult for me to decide which ornament I like best, it’s between the little red coat and the sweet little matryoshka doll. Who would have ever thought you would be doing all of this crafting? I am glad you are and don’t forget your mom has a beautiful tree that can always use a new ornament or two, esp. if it is made by you.

  5. Hi Jen, First off I have to say I love all the ornaments but here is my suggestion when you make them again for all your friends and family.. Your Schauzer is a male handsome dog and I would put the Polar Bear ribbon on Shanti and we will call him our Tiffany Schauzer and the Polar Bear, Pretty in Pink..Love, Dad

  6. I love the little Russian doll -you are very clever. I really like your blog – I’m fascinated with why you are living in the Middle East. Your cooking adventures are very interesting and enjoyable to me too. Great blog!!

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