View from Savoy Hotel balcony overlooking the Mediterranean Sea
View in the opposite direction from hotel

The saying “Jerusalem prays, Tel Aviv plays” seems to be an apt description after our weekend away in Israel. We spent two nights in Tel Aviv with some friends of ours visiting from the States, enjoying beautiful weather, great accommodations and excellent food, in a relaxed beach atmosphere, in between sightseeing in Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

I love visiting open air markets which provide a glimpse and taste of the local flavor. We stumbled upon the market (Carmel Market, open sunrise to sunset) while driving en route to the hotel, serendipitously a few blocks away from our hotel. The market sells everything from clothing, knockoff designer purses, knick knacks, to fruit, vegetables, fresh fish and chickens. We picked up some Israeli wine along with chicken schwarma, olives, cheese, bread, and halva (a new obsession of mine–ground up sesame seeds and sugar, some with chocolate, or pistachios, along with countless other varieties. It’s a dessert with an interesting texture), which made for a great meal on our first night.

Walking through Carmel Market

...every imaginable gummy candy...

Sunset from our the suite



24 thoughts on ““Jerusalem Prays, Tel Aviv Plays”

  1. Love the photos from the market. So many exciting images – I’m trying to imagine the sounds and aromas that go along with the visuals. What fun.

  2. I spent a summer in Jerusalem in college and have great memories of those months! Thanks for sharing your pictures and bringing back old memories- the food, the views, the market… fantastic!

  3. I’ve always wanted to visit an open air market but I have yet to find one close by (I don’t travel much). Love the pictures you posted of the one you visited, it looks amazing!

  4. It is so disappointing to be beaten by your friends these days. Is everything there Kosher? I would
    assume so. I would have had a car load of cheese and other things. Jealous as usual about the markets.

  5. The pictures and the market make this look like a very interesting and exciting place to visit..All the different types of food you are experiencing have to be wonderful. Makes it appear more Western with the buildings but the market gives you that Eastern flare.. Keep on with your blog as I love traveling with you …Dad

  6. I love that they have the three major food groups displayed in the market, oh for a daily variety of cheeses, olives and then unfathomable choices of gummi bears! I love the smell of spices and fresh produce in a market, so exotic!

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