Caution: For HARDCORE Yogis ONLY!!!

If these yoga videos don’t inspire you, then nothing will. Namaste.

Think Rodney Yee as you watch this one.

I’m sure everyone has seen this third one–unrelated to yoga, but it’s too good not to watch again…

38 thoughts on “Caution: For HARDCORE Yogis ONLY!!!

  1. A little too much time on your hands there sis? Joey was supposed to send you my favorite that he’s shown me. Have you seen Saxy Sax Man yet. find it on youtube if not. It’s hilarious. watch it all.

    1. I bet you didn’t even watch any. Do yourself a favor and watch the third one–The Whole Foods Parking Lot one is SOOO funny. David and Amy would approve and comment and give me stars if they knew I existed.

      1. That’s the first one I watched smart mouth. I liked it. I even snickered once or twice. What about the Saxy Sax Man. No fair if I watch yours and you don’t watch mine.

          1. I know, Joey forced me to watch it. Did you watch the whole thing. I like when he’s on the check out counter in Ross and when he runs across the football field and I like when his friend says that he doesn’t understand English. I didn’t want to laugh but you’ve got to love George Michaels Careless Whispers and the tight pleather pants.

              1. I have only seen the long one. I haven’t gone on my own search. are there a lot more? I will make a note to self to look into this. BTW I am so disturbed by DS’s visit to the Hiroshima Museum in the last chapter. I can’t get the image out of my head of the guy who grew rods out of his fingers that had blood vessels. I am scarred for life. Did that have the same effect on you. I wish you had warned me. I would have skipped that part. Do you think he made that up to scar me? I need debriefing therapy or you to share with so you can be scarred too.

                1. Alright, it was disturbing to me when I read it too, but I only thought about the veins for a minute and then moved on. I’m not scarred for life like you. I’ve moved on to Holidays on Ice, skipping almost all of the book except for maybe one other short story. Did you notice a bunch of the stories were in other books too, i.e. Jesus Shaves and the one about the mom kicking the kids out of the house while she watches soap operas?

                    1. It also must be nice to write stories and have them republished under the guise of a NEW book for hardcore fans who don’t have the privilege of thumbing through the book before it’s purchased.

  2. I agree, it’s a bait and switch. Back to the rods- they were black. So disturbing. Did you take down my comments to avoid scaring your readers. Here is my repost.

      1. It’s so exciting to see the number of your comments jump. I loved the First
        Light yoga post. I like when he gets the parasite in his pants and when he runs away from the lifeguard and then apologizes. That’s what we would do.

  3. I like his braid and his skull cap. It’s getting a little crowded around here. I feel so insignificant. It’s a good thing you aren’t currently working because this feeling like a full time job. The crab mac and cheese was awesome. I feel like making the penzeys chocolate cake today just because. Can you get cottage cheese. If you can I have the most incredible bread recipe for you. Sounds gross but it is soooo good.

    1. No cottage cheese here. Sorry. I made mini apple pies again today and used the Penzeys apple pie spice in place of my usual. I’ll let you know how it turns out. I’d like the make the chocolate cake (your Penzeys recipe), but sour cream is a hit or miss at the store.

      1. Can you get roasted salted peanuts- not dry roasted and can you get peanut butter. I have an awesome new peanut butter choc chip cookie recipe where you add a cup of salted peanuts. The family was crazy for them and they were super easy- made a lot and only used one stick of butter. Let me know if you want the recipe. i first saw it in The Best of the Best but i bought the actual book it came from, Heirloom Baking With the Brass Sisters. They are the ones who have the Dilly Casserole Bread that is so good but you need a cup of cottage cheese.

          1. Did you bother reading the above post? It answers all of your questions. Mom can send you the nuts from Big Lots. Notice that I didn’t offer because I’m still waiting for my shipment of honey or Jordanian wine.

            1. I didn’t see the above post. I guess I have to go back and look now. I’m saving ALL of your gifts to give you upon return. BTW, I’m working on your garland right now. Don’t make me mad or Emily gets it.

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