Pop Quiz: What Is This? A Stage? A Theater?

Our backyard is more of a side yard shaped like an ‘L.’ It’s long and narrow on the right side of the apartment and then it extends a little to the left behind the master and guest bedrooms. There’s a strange stage-like area in the back of the yard that intrigues me. Four stairs lead up to a travertine tiled veranda space (meaning this space was designed for something, I just don’t know what). Notice the windows? They’re not ours, but this is our backyard. The windows belong to the neighbors next door (whom I’ve never met, seen, know, but have heard). I was thinking it looked pretty nice until I took this picture. You can’t see the screens, but they’re barely hanging off the windows. It’s looking kind of shabby. I avoid this area because I don’t understand it. I’m afraid the neighbors are hanging out in this room near the windows watching me take pictures. Of what? That’s the conundrum and the pop quiz…only I don’t have the answer this time.

So…what do YOU think it is?

  • a stage for puppet performances? The neighbors could get a behind the scenes glimpse from their view.
  • an entertaining arena? It’s so private and far removed from the street, but not the neighbors.
  • a place to relax and sip wine while talking to your neighbors through their windows?
  • a yoga pavilion?
What’s your take? The winner gets ALL of the apricots that are rotting on the ground. I’d make jam, lots of amazing Amman Apricot jam (apricot jam with vanilla and cardamom) that I’d send to you if I could buy Ball jars here…but like everything else that I seek out at the store, I can’t find any (I couldn’t even find limes during my last outing). You can breathe a sigh of relief. Jars are en route from the States, but probably too late for this crop. I’ll find something else to jam or pickle though with my jamming kit that’s set to arrive in a couple of weeks.
Here are a few more views to help you out: another view of the stage, view upon entering the entertaining arena and the apricot trees in the front of the side yard

27 thoughts on “Pop Quiz: What Is This? A Stage? A Theater?

  1. I VOTE……

    a stage for puppet performances? The neighbors could get a behind the scenes glimpse from their view

    How super cool would that be??? COOL!

      1. I think I CAN do that…because I will be makins SOOOOOO MUCH MONEY now…

        It’s a done deal…no worries…

        What dates are best for you?

        Do I have to bring my own props?

        What color will the curtians be? (must MATCH!)

        Can we use the GLASS ROOM to store our items…or is this where the kido will sleep?

        1. I hadn’t thought of accommodations, but that’s a great idea. That way there won’t be any ‘funny business’ going on since ALL the kids will be on display. I’ll steal the theater that I made and gave to my sister for her classroom. She’ll be mad, but who cares. She’s mean anyway.
          October is best. It will give you plenty of time to practice. This will be a great way to meet your BENCHMARKS!

          1. Before I lobby my ideas for the space, I would like for your thousands of readers to know that I am the “nice” one. If any of my relatives weigh in on this blog, please set the record straight. Who always feigned sickness to get out of washing dishes? That’s right, Jen Maan in Amman. The space is perfect for a two person jacuzzi. It might be a little noisy for the neighbors but you haven’t met them anyway. You could broker a deal where they can sometimes have access through the screens when you’re not using it. If you don’t like that idea, you could start a feral cat rescue and put a really cute kitty condo over there. Then the cats wouldn’t bother your allergies. It is very rewarding feeding feral cats. They’ll start clamoring to you the minute they see the tuna you’ve bought them at the ABC store. Can’t wait for my spiced apricot jam. Patiently awaiting my prize.

            1. Nice try, but Shanti will TORMENT the kitties in the condo and Raj won’t SPLURGE on any tuna. We’re supposed to be SAVING money, not spending it on feral cat rescues. The jacuzzi idea would be fun just to see the neighbors climbing out of the windows. Since the screens are barely hanging on, it wouldn’t take much to push them out of the way. You get second place due to your attempts to sway readers. We all know my stomach is sensitive and dishes seem to exacerbate stomach pains.

              1. I would also enjoy the bathing suit styles that abound. It sounds like there are very diverse styles available for women. What style of swim suit do local men wear? Do they follow the European tradition? Please look into this.

  2. looks like you could make it an outdoor tea area. throw a huge Persian carpet down on the concrete, put up a small-legged coffee table, sitting pillows, and a tent-style awning and there you go! a little tea/hookah patio.

      1. You can’t call a winner so soon. PW has to put parameters on her contests. All entries posted by a certain time the next day and 1 entry per person. It’s not much of a contest if I get 2nd place out of 3 entries. So why couldn’t you ever come out of your room to say hi to mom and dad’s friends when they came over? Was it stomach pains that kept you confined to your room too?

            1. Dave, we’ve never met, but I feel as though I should be your advocate walking you through this whole prize thing. If she can’t get supplies for making jam, that is not your problem. If I were you, I’d be asking for some of that mighty fine pomegranate syrup that she keeps waxing poetic about or some of the jam made in Syria. Don’t let her off so easy. After all, you won first place fair and square. I can’t wait for Jen to bring your vision to fruition. Congratulations on being a winner!!!

    1. Mindy, you win the category of BEST business proposition. You’re the ONLY ONE who offered a service. YOU are in a completely different category and you’re going to make SO MUCH MONEY from all of the performances.

      1. You my dear had to say that…you were afraid that I would stop following your BOLG! Hahaha never happen!
        Keep jam…I only eat jelly!

      2. I didn’t know that your new reality show was called “The Middle East Apprentice” and that you were the Jordainian Donald Trump. I thought that you were working on a pilot of “The Real Housewives of Jordan”. You are confusing me on all of your busy pursuits. Please focus on your passion.

  3. My first thought was, ah, yoga right there. I guess you could put a small table and some chairs for morning coffee/tea. Pre-dinner glass of wine could be good right there with some pretty “patio” furniture. But what the heck, go for the puppet show. If neighbors are nosy, you may as well entertain them!

  4. Ok- I believe in my”teach for America ” ideas, that u should use the space to 1) groom the dogs, start. Business fir that, then teach the dogs relaxation thru your yoga moves (cause they get so stressed from grooming), and then invite your hair stylist over for some tea!

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