Souk Jara on Rainbow Street, West Amman

Monkey? Mouse? I don’t know. Either way, this adorable, edible creation made of bread was calling to Raj like a siren to a sailor to tempting him with her treats as we walked along the street en route to Souk Jara. Raj stayed strong and was rewarded with dessert later in the evening.

We ventured into Wast Amman on Friday evening, down Rainbow Street (named after the Rainbow Cinema), to Souk Jara, a summertime outdoor market. This area of Amman is home to most of the city’s upscale hotels, restaurants, and nightlife. We walked down Rainbow Street to the souk’s entrance, walking through a narrow corridor of vendors selling everything from homemade soaps, honey, clothing, hand crafted jewelry, baskets, food, and much more. It was crowded and hot and after walking through the souk empty-handed, we were in serious need of food (lest we forget, someone gets hangry and that’s dangerous!).

I had read about a cafe in the area that was highly rated called Wild Jordan, part of the Wild Jordan Center, housed in a chic, steel building. Inside, the center provides information on Jordan’s nature reserves, there’s a nature shop (gift shop with fabulous hand crafted jewelry, handbags, herbal teas and herbs all produced on the reserves), exhibitions, and of course the cafe, known for organic food, drinks, and smoothies (no alcohol, though). The cafe is small; it sits on a balcony that seats only about fifty people, but it offers one of the most spectacular views, looking over the valleys of Downtown and across the way to Roman ruins in the distance. As the sun was setting, the view of the ruins and the emerald-green minarets was magical. The food was good, not exceptional, but well worth the price for the views alone.

We headed back up Rainbow Street at about 10PM in search of a taxi to head home. The street was so crowded that it was difficult to stay together. Everyone and their grandmother were out and about drumming in a drum circle, sitting in cafes eating and smoking shisha, licking ice cream, or just hanging out on street corners. Despite the hordes, it wasn’t sketchy, maybe a little ripe, but not scary. We walked about a mile up towards the hotels and eventually got a cab a made it home to sip on couple glasses of Jordanian wine.

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6 thoughts on “Souk Jara on Rainbow Street, West Amman

  1. How much for the bread creature? I probably would have bought him. When are you going to the cupcake place. You sent me a link. It looked really nice and $2 is reasonable for a cupcake.

    1. NFS. J/k, I don’t know. I might use it as my first muse and recreate it for my decor-less home. I still don’t have ANYTHING on the walls. Wouldn’t a bread monkey make for great decor?

  2. Well, you forced me to do it! I had to research Amman on the internet and learn all about the culture and history. I even saw pictures of Rainbow Street and Souk Jara and said, “Oh, Oh, that’s just what Jen was talking about!” I am so enjoying your blog and pictures, keep them coming!

  3. This is great! Shanti would love the monkey mouse. What wonderful adventures you are having and it looks like the dress there for women is comfortable.

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