No More Expat Project at Blogger

I wrote the above blog back in April after R had abandoned me for Amman. At the time I was living in a corporate apartment in Old Town, Alexandria. I thought I was roughing it living in a studio with a gym, a pool, and Whole Foods next door. Now as I look back on those two months, I realize what a great place I’ve left to arrive here, to not much of anything. Anyway, I wrote the blog under the title ExpatProject, Jen in Jordan through Blogger, but I can’t remember my password and when I tried to retrieve or even attempt to sign in, I couldn’t figure anything out because blogger here is in Arabic script, which I obviously do not read. Suffice to say, I am moving the blog and have renamed it to Jen Maan in Amman and am now using WordPress, which is in English. Thank God!

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